Terms and Conditions

Your information

All information submitted to Fixit Handyman through this website or by other means is secure. We will not sell your information to a third party or offer it to other companies for their use. Fixit Handyman will only use your information to help you with any projects you need to have completed. We may contact you about your project by phone, text or email.


Appointment Terms and Conditions

By submitting and confirming your information/ appointment with Fixit Handyman you do so knowingly and agree to the appointment terms and conditions outlined below.

CANCELLATIONS - Cancellations must be handled as follows to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. Fixit Handyman will dispatch a technician to the service address given online or upon scheduling the appointment and will arrive within an hour of the scheduled appointment time. If you need to cancel an appointment please let us know at least one hour before the scheduled appointment time and there will be no cancellation fee. If an appointment is cancelled by the customer (homeowner, property manager, tenant, etc.) after a technicians arrival they will be fully liable for our call out fee which is a two hour minimum of $170. This cancellation fee is non negotiable and may be escalated to a collection agency if payment is not rendered. If you are charged a cancellation fee and decide to have the work completed later, 60% of that cancellation fee will be subtracted from the invoice.

GUARANTEE -  Fixit Handyman offers a project Guarantee that covers the customer in the event that a technician dispatched by Fixit Handyman improperly completes a project. Some issues may be caused by negligence, house shifting, improper operation, and things of that nature. Fixit Handyman has the right to decline a return service if the project was deemed correctly completed by the technician. Upon requesting that Fixit Handyman returns for a guarantee, Fixit Handyman may request photos and additional information which will be required in order to verify that the issue was caused by the dispatched technician upon installation. We will not schedule a return trip to guarantee work for a project that has not been paid in full.

PAYMENT & FEES - Payment is to be made as followed. For most projects we will require that payment be made in full (cash, check, or card) immediately upon substantial completion of your project. Some projects will require a 50% (or more) deposit up front to purchase materials and use as working capitol for our crew. If payment is not made in full immediately upon completion and the balance rolls over into the next business day the invoice will be updated with a $50 late fee which will be added for every business day until the invoice has been paid in full. Payment by card may result in a 4% processing fee to cover the charges we incur with our merchant to run the card.

By scheduling / confirming your appointment you agree to these appointment terms and conditions and also agree that you are the person financially liable for the project that is being requested.